A Country Club Wedding

Another fun wedding, for you to enjoy.  Willow Creek Country Club always has beautiful gardens and grounds.  This day showed to be the same... beautiful!

Happy Secretaries' Day!

Secretaries' Day is April 25th this year!  Let your secretary know they are appreciated everyday, but especially today.  We have lots of options for you to send.  Take a look below to see a few ideas they are sure to love.

National Licorice Day

April 12th is National Licorice Day!  Licorice first came to be used for its health benefit, but after a cleaver pharmacist in England thought to disguise medicine's taste, it became a loved candy.

*Photo from here.

Captures Photography Captured this Classic Celebration

From the flowers to the Park City Canyon feel, to the dress (don't you love the dress!) this wedding was captured perfectly.  The bride and groom are a gorgeous couple, and the location could not have been more picturesque.  Gorgeous day... gorgeous night!

Easter Sunday is April 8th

Make your home beautiful with Easter flowers this season.  What a wonderful time of year to have flowers in your home and here are a few ideas for you to see.


                               Fashionista Blooms                                                   Heavenly Hamptons


                        One Fine Day                                                                     Spring Delight

Flowers for your school's Librarian!

On April 4th, it is School Librarian Day!  Send that sweet librarian flowers.  They're sure not to get them very often from students, so let them know they are remembered and send flowers to the librarian this week!

*Photo from here.