We heart February

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Did you know?
February is: National Black History Month, and Chocolate Lover's Month
February's Flower of the Month: Violet, meaning to remember.

January is coming to a close and February is just around the corner.  February seems to not only be a month full of love, but of friendship and happiness too!  We hope you enjoy your month.... full of love, friendship and happiness.

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the Dallas Market gift show!  We headed south this weekend to spend some time at Market.  It was definitely a success.  Can't wait to display all we bought.  You may just love it all.

*photo from here
Come in this week, for lots of great gift ideas.  We have lots new in the store, so hurry on in.

Simplicity is Gorgeous

Gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous wedding.  Enjoy a glimpse of the day below.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  And thanks for using Hillside Floral for your wedding flowers.  

Utah Weddings

Brides across the Salt Lake Valley got together and decided on a florist they'd like to win a give-away from, and do you know who was chosen?  That's right... Hillside Floral!  So, check out bride shows across the valley, and you may be entered to win a gift certificate to Hillside Floral for your wedding flowers.