Valentine's Day Trivia

Let's play a little game, the Did You Know game.  Here is a little Valentine's Day Trivia just for you. 

Did you know, there are approximately 189 million red roses sold each Valentine's Day?

Did you know most of Hillside Floral's roses are grown in South America?

Did you know Conversation Hearts were first invented in 1866?

Did you know nearly 8 million Conversation Hearts are sold each Valentine season?

Did you know all of those fun facts about Valentine's Day?  Remember someone you love this Valentine's Day... send them flowers. 

*Photo of dozen red roses from Hillside Floral
**Photo of Conversation Hearts from flickr

Make this Valentine's Day Extra Sweet!

Valentine's Day is supposed to be sweet.  Celebrate with something sweet... see all of the vintage, funky, Valentine's gifts today!  And says celebration, better than cupcakes!

Special Delivery this Valentine's Day!

Remember to send your special delivery this Valentine's Day!  Whether it's one of these paperweight gifts, or a fresh floral bouquet, make sure it's special with Hillside Floral.

Win Her Heart, with Flowers

Valentine's Day is right around the corner... Tuesday, February 14th.  Just a few ideas to have sent this year, to let her know she's loved!

Burgundy Blush

Sweet Thoughts

Believe In You!

Start your year off right... believe in you!  Believe in your goals, your dreams, your wishes, your family and your friends.  What do you pack to pursue a dream and what do you leave behind?  
There are many darling quotes in this 'I Believe In You' book.  Enjoy!