Wedding of the Season

This incredible wedding celebration was at La Caille, between the mouth of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.  It was an exquisite celebration.  You'll have to see if for yourself to believe.




A Whimsical White Wedding

The beautiful white bouquets for this wedding were gorgeous and timeless.  White is always stunning no matter what your colors are, or what time of year it may be.  You never can go wrong!

Two Hearts, Two Homes, Together

An exquisite day at La Caille.  The weather was amazing, the flowers gorgeous, and the bride was beaming.  What a perfect day!  The bride and groom were originally from different countries, and this wedding showed it off perfectly!

American Chocolate Week has Arrived!

Dark, light or white, chocolate is a first pick and a tasty surprise!  This week, send that special someone chocolate with the flowers.  They're sure to be pleased!

Employee Day, Send them Flowers

Employees always want to know they are needed, wanted and appreciated.  This week is Employee Day.  Remember them, and they'll never forget!  Send them flowers.

Spring Is Here

 This gorgeous couple chose incredible flowers for their wedding.  It went off without a hitch and turned out just lovely.  See for yourself...