Voluspa Candles

Our favorite new candle line is in.  We don't think you've ever seen anything so lovely.  They are a must have!  So yummy!

Baltic Amber

Ambre Lumiere

A Few Beautiful Boutonnieres

Just a little peak at some beautiful boutonnieres.  Some are simple, others vintage, and some are classic and timeless.  See for yourself.

Fall Flowers

Summer looks like it's heading out for the year.  Wish it would stay forever.  Yet, we are looking forward to the crisp Autumn weather, warm soup, Fall leaves and beautiful Autumn bouquets.  


                        Nature's Wonder                                                              Orange Zest

Always Remember To...

 Live Good!  Our new books are in.  Here is a sneak peak of a darling one we are offering.  This can be displayed open to a specific page, or laying on your side table, to remind your guests to 'Live Good'!

Capri Blue Candles

We are now carrying the coveted Aspen Bay Capri Blue candles in our shop.  We couldn't wait to tell you...
They're just fabulous!

Cala Lily Wedding Flowers

Cala lilies are always a pretty way to set your day apart.  These simple floral pieces are beautiful with the accent of the purple cala lilies