Send A Smile

Send someone a smile today!!  Would your mother like to be thought of, your sister who needs a pick-me-up, your husband or wife who would love a little extra thank you?  Whoever it may be, we will help you make them smile with a bright arrangement, bouquet of balloons or a gift basket!

Hillside Floral, This Is The Place!

Let us help you celebrate Pioneer Day.  Stop in today for a festive, eye catching centerpiece for your 24th of July celebration.  Enjoy our Utah's special Day!  This is the place...

*photo from flickr 

National Junk Food Day!

Wednesday, July 21st is National Junk Food Day!  What a fun excuse to eat all the junk food you want.  We have just the thing to make this day perfect, a...


It's summer, send a junk food bucket or a gift basket!  Call 801-943-8427 now, or click HERE to order yours now!

Polka Dot Perfection

Who doesn't love polka dots?!  Here is a fun, different, and creative wedding.  This polka dot wedding, was a joy to work on.  Every detail resembled dots, from the flower girls' dresses, wedding cake, flowers and dinnerware.  What a fun wedding to create.... Polka Dot Perfection!

It's Independence Day

Stop in for a festive piece to decorate your table this Independence Day!  We have many options for you.  Celebrate with style and a patriotic spirit.  Enjoy your holiday!

*photo from flickr