Sassy and Stylish

Do you need a smile today? Look at these incredible photos taken by OpieFoto, and you can't help but smile. This vibrant bouquet has flame mini calla lilies, striking purple lizzianthis, terra cotta roses, green hydrangea, safari sunset and hypericum berry to name a few. Enjoy these happy photos, you might feel like you were there. Thank you to this gorgeous couple, for such a fabulous day. Congratulations!

Off to market in Chicago

We went to market in Chicago this past weekend.  What an adventure.  We found many treasures at market this time, and we can't wait to share them with you.  What a wonderful adventure it was.  Beautiful weather, gorgeous city, and lots and lots of new gifts and surprises.     

Come in and see what's new, just for you! 

A few of the fun sites we saw in Chicago.  What an enchanting city. 

Warm Somebody's Heart with Flowers

Just a little something bright to add to your winter.  Warm up with these happy bouquets!

                               Uniquely Chic                                       Princess for a Day


                       Brighten Your Day                                            Dazzling Dahlias


                       Watercolor Beauty                                           Passionate Reds

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